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AOJ 202, APA Formatting , Quality work | Get Quick Solution
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APA Formatting

This assignment aligns with the learning objective regarding Circumstantial Evidence.

Circumstantial Evidence: When eyewitness evidence is not available, it has often been stated that investigators and officers should ask, as guidelines in investigating crimes, these questions:

  • Who had the means of committing the crime?
  • Who had the opportunity to commit the crime?
  • Who had the motive to commit the crime?

Review the case documents on the Aaron Hernandez criminal case. You do not have to read the entire document.

Watch the video on the Aaron Hernandez trial.

Summarize the facts of the case. Include in your summary, the reasons for the affidavit to obtain a search warrant of Aaron Hernandez’s property.

Summarize the facts of the case

Based on the circumstantial evidence presented in the Aaron Hernandez case, would you as the judge have permitted the case to go to a jury? If so, and you were on the jury, would you convict the defendant of murder? Did he have the motive; the opportunity and/or the means?


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