apa required. i shared needed file down here. proper grammar needed.

I’m studying for my Social Science class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

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apa required. i shared needed file down here. proper grammar needed.
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I shared required material for assignment. apa required. please separate 1 and 2 question on the paper.

1) Pick one of the “problems” described in chapter 8 of the course text, Geuras & Garofalo (2011), then answer the following questions from a personal perspective:

a. Explain the reason, why you chose that “problem” to explore and write about. For example: “A Questionable Hire” or “Taking a Leave or Taking Leave”.

b. Respond to the questions posed to the reader in the text — in the “analysis” section or at the end of the discussion about the specific “problem” you selected.

2) Williams (2015) discusses public action as a framework for consistent ethical behaviors, focused on duty, responsibility, answerability, and accountability, in the context of ethical climate. He proposes that ethic reasoning has its roots in Kohlberg’s levels of moral reasoning and ethical standards.

How do any of these theories contribute to your decision making, dealing with dilemmas and making choices? Give example/s.


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