Architecture building design and drawing | Get Quick Solution

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Architecture building design and drawing | Get Quick Solution
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Design a Residential building that will be located in San Francisco.

Tall Luxury Residential building with all the facility that people dream of.

( Swimming pool, Media Room, Meeting room, Top floor view of the city, Gym, even a dark room)

The rooms should have a really good view of the city and may be a open space on the top floor.

This project is for Architecture major, not interior Arch or just art design. So need to focus on the Exterior and surroundings.

1. 2 group of thumbnails (6 thumbnails each).

-Include interior and exterior perspectives

-Use variety of shots

-1 panel has to have multiple figures.

-At lease 1 figure must be in 4 panels

P.S : I have the example in file but need more exterior drawings to be design

2. Choose the better group from 1) and draw the 7*10 inches detailed pics with light and shadows. (Straight line, good quality)


-Examples in the file as well, but in different major, just try to be that detailed and high quality.

****You can’t just turn an online pic in to black and white version and change it into a hand-drawing style. You have to design everything and create everything on your own. (You can draw or create it digitally)


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