Aristophanes: Lysistrata paper

I’m trying to study for my History course and I need some help to understand this question.

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Aristophanes: Lysistrata paper
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275 words of 750 done. needs to quote the plays. and only the plays. “this essay will address how democracy in ancient Athens in fact failed, while culture flourished. “

I will post what I have done so far once I select a tutor. I am looking for someone who is familiar with ancient greek culture/poltics


Using evidence provided in the introductions to and the plays by Aristophanes in addition to readings in Hunt, explain why democracy in ancient Athens was somewhat of a failure politically while being a catalyst for cultural development. What were the problems with its implementation, and how did this democratic government produce policies that were ultimately destructive to the Athenian polis and the Greek world while simultaneously encouraging innovative thinking and rational thought?


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