ART 1145 Review: “Monster” (film by Patty Jenkins)

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ART 1145 Review: “Monster” (film by Patty Jenkins)
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Monster: Review

The following are the requirements of all film review submissions for American Cinema:

  1. Reviews must be a minimum of 350 words
  2. The text of your review must be submitted in a word doc (.doc or .docx) and attached.
  3. Reviews must be 100% your original writing. Do not quote or paraphrase and source. Reviews will be checked for plagiarism and ANY sequence of words (longer than 12 words) that matches any source or previous student review will result in an automatic zero and referral to the Dean of Academic Affairs.
  4. Reviews must include 5 elements: Basic info (director, writer, key players, producer), brief story description, production highlights (positive or negative), overall recommendation, conclusion.


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