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This essay requires a detailed description of the “formal” characteristics of the art object.
In other words, you are talking about the things you can see in the work, such as the composition,
layout, color, line, texture, size/scale, proportion, and balance.
Your goal in this assignment is to explain the work in such detail, the reader can “see” the work clearly
and understand the visual elements.
You may select a work from any of the time periods. If you are seeing a work in person, examine the work of art for a substantial time and note what you see.
The essay should be about 3 pages. describe the work from the first elements you notice to the smallest details, you will create an organized description for the reader.
Here are some things to include in your first paragraph before you start your formal description:
What is the title?
Who is the artist?
What is the style/period of the work?
What year was it created?

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Art Formal Analysis | Browse Homework Help
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