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The purpose of this assignment – a discussion paper- is to interpret and describe the significance of your research findings (from studio visits, observation, and readings) and to explain the content of the studio core, and any new understandings or insights you have about your studio core. You are being asked to demonstrate your ability as a researcher and to describe and discuss the content of your studio core. You are also being asked to think critically about your studio core in order to formulate a deeper, more profound understanding of its content.
Tools: All nonperishable supplies (devices, utensils)
Laptop, Ipad, stylus, desktop computer, printer/copier, lighting, desk setup, camera/video, copy stand, Adobe software/editing software, hard drive, a task chair (comfy chair to sit in for hours)
Materials: All perishable media (paints, pastels)
Sketchbook, pencil, pen, ink, Pantone swatch book, charcoal, watercolors, markers, kneaded eraser, calligraphy brushes, tracing paper, watercolor paper, brushes
I think is to pick the graphic designer for the example. Most graphic designers would highly recommend a desk and comfy chair in the studio along with all their other tools, but it doesn’t have to be the norm. Since the graphic design can be portable, it can be done anywhere with good wifi or connection. To describe the laboratory work environment and teaching policy.

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Art Studio | Browse Homework
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