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ART101 Art Timeline | Get Quick Solution
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Create a timeline using 10 of these 27 artworks discussed in the Prehistoric, Mesopotamia, and Ancient Egypt Modules. The assignment helps us to visualize selected artworks from these periods in the order they occur in time and provides an opportunity to share insights on common or evolving themes across the artworks, cultures, and time.

Timeline Example

timeline cropped.jpg

A timeline is a graphic representation of historical information in chronological order. Notice how this timeline starts with 250 BC (or BCE), then progresses to Year 0, then 250 AD (or CE) and on, in increments of 250 years.


  • Choose 10 artworks from the Midterm Project Artwork Collection Pool(DOC is down there). (All information related to these images is located in the readings, videos, and audio recordings in the Modules.)
  • As you choose each one, articulate why you are making the choice. Ask yourself, “what is the historical importance of each one?” As you research, think about ways in which these paintings, sculptures, and architectural works are significant and relate to each other. Suggestion: Choose works from a broad range of time periods rather than those made over a narrow range of time.
  • Like a mathematical number line, the timeline should contain a zero, the left side of year zero being BCE (or BC) and the right side of year zero being CE (or AD). Divide the timeline in increments (for example, 250 or 500 years) and position artworks and descriptive text in their appropriate place on the timeline. For a more detailed explanation of dates see the Page Common Questions about Dates(DOC is down there).
  • Connect each one to the approximate correct date on the timeline with a leader line (Links to an external site.). The leader line should not cover the text. See example timelines link below.
  • Include the following for each work on your timeline:
    • A small image of each work (you can copy and paste from the Midterm Project Artwork Collection Pool)
    • Title of work
    • The date that the work was created (not the date it is was discovered)
    • The Dynasty or time period (for example: Paleolithic, Neolithic, Egyptian: Ptolemaic Dynasty) that produced the work
    • Religion associated with the artwork
    • Materials used to make the work
    • Why the work was chosen, what is important about it?
  • Submit a pdf to the Assignment by October 2 at 11:59pm. Save your submission in the following format: LastNameFirstInitial_Timeline.pdf In the Comments, include a phrase or title that sums up the theme of your timeline.
  • Embed a good quality jpeg of the image in the Discussion: Share and Respond to Timeline Assignment by October 2 at 11:59 pm and check to see the link is working.
  • After embedding your jpeg, view and respond to a minimum of 3 other student’s posts with a thoughtful response for each by Tuesday, October 6 at 11:59pm.

How to make your timeline

  • Look at the page Visual Examples of Student Timelines(DOC is down there). These timelines are reference points for how the timeline might look, although they are not the same time period.
  • Create the timeline in a Google Doc: Tutorials for making timelines in Google Docs. (Links to an external site.)(This tutorial also contains links for other apps)
  • Use a Microsoft Powerpoint Timeline Template to create the timeline. In Powerpoint, go to File > New From Template. Search on Timeline.
  • One easy to use Web app called Canva (Links to an external site.)is great for creating Graphics. (THIS IS NOT required, just a suggestion.) These templates are often vertical.
  • Use other software of your choice.

Outcome of this project

With your timeline, you or anyone reading it should be able to see:

  • when a work was created
  • where it was created
  • what it looks like
  • and MOST importantly, the sequence in time that a work was created in relation to other works.

For example: by looking at your timeline, can we tell if the Venus of Willendorf was created before or after the Great Pyramids of Giza? How much time exists between the works? When were other works of art produced in relation to these works (before, during, or after).

Rubric for the timeline

  • Assignment: 20 pts
  • Discussion: Share and Responding to the Timelines: 10 pt
  • Total for Midterm: 30 points

Download the PDF of the assignment for reference offline as you work on your timeline.

A5-Timeline-1.docx(DOC is down there).


Art 101 Timeline Rubric

Art 101 Timeline Rubric

Criteria Ratings Pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeDisplay 10 works of art from the poolHas 10 works that are from the pool and represent a cross section of the art from this part of the term, either through time or geography

10.0 to >7.0 pts

Full Marks

7.0 to >3.0 pts

lists less than required but more than 6

3.0 to >0 pts

Less that Average

lists less than 5 and/or has minimal info

10.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAccurately lists titles, dates, materials and all required information in the Assignment. Turns in on timeThe requirements for all 10 artworks are met and turns in by due date.

5.0 to >2.0 pts

Full Marks

2.0 to >1.0 pts

Has some information but not all required

1.0 to >0 pts

Minimal info as required

5.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeOrganization and presentationGraphics, color, shapes and text all work together to create a timeline that is efficient and an enjoyable tool for learning

5.0 to >4.0 pts

Exceptionally good

4.0 to >2.0 pts

Advanced to Average

2.0 to >0 pts

Minimal to no submission

5.0 pts

Total Points: 20.0


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