asian people and culture (India) | Get Quick Solution

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asian people and culture (India) | Get Quick Solution
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We a 500 word essay discussing how the social and political organization of a country determine the cultural behavior of its people.

Your essay should focus on two main themes: the discrepancy between the rich and poor and the disconnect between the central government and tribal rulers. You have to use the videos, exxays and mini-lectures to help you in discussing these two themes.

You should use the postings you had written for the quizzes of these reading and videos, and combine that with the mini-lecture on the Historical context for India. You have to refer to all these sources when you write your essay to show how it impact the way you understand the traditional and modern Indian cultures.

Have an introduction that discusses how we think about culture and how looking at the social and political history of a country would help you understand the cultural behavior of a people. You should have a thesis as the last sentence of the introductory paragraph.

Discuss certain cultural attitudes, like caste, tribalism and modern government, etc. in each of the following paragraphs, using videos and lectures as textual supports to explain how the historical social organization with modern political structure would determine they culture of modern India.

Have a concluding paragraph to sum everything up as your final thoughts.


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