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Assertion Essay | Get Quick Solution
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Several times this semester, you will compose a brief argument in response to a statement made by a famous writer/person. Prior to composing your response, you will first spend some reflective time analyzing the argument within the statement: What is the issue at hand? What is the writer’s claim/assertion related to the issue? What evidence can be used to support or challenge the claim, keeping in mind the complexity of the author’s argument?

Your written response should be approximately 600 words, and limited to one typed page, single spaced. Use the template provided. Each response will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  1. Provide a clear explanation of the issue and the writer’s assertion, contextualizing the issue at hand for readers, explaining to them briefly why educated, informed citizens ought to read on.
  2. Support or challenge the position on the issue implied by the assertion, keeping in mind the complexity of the author’s argument.
    1. Provide specific evidence from personal observation, experience, and/or reading to support your position.
    2. Note its complexity (nuances) and forge connections between your position and that of the writer. Resist the immature temptation of oversimplification!
    3. Provide a conclusion that does not merely summarize, but rather addresses the “so what?” issue: How should educated, informed citizens continue to think about the issue at hand? How will it continue to influence readers’ lives.

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