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Assessment 3 | Get Quick Solution
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Assessment 3: Designing a wellbeing/resilience initiative (50%)

In Assessment 3, you will design a wellbeing initiative that uses a variety of activities to enhance wellbeing in your chosen area (i.e. the social/environmental issue that you explored in Assessments 1 and 2).

You will present your initiative in a recording of a short presentation in a ‘film’ format (there are a number of ways to do this, one way is to use PowerPoint with audio recordings). The presentation will outline the issue, existing research on wellbeing initiatives that address this issue, and your proposed program and why it should help to build wellbeing.

Your short presentation in ‘film’ format must include:

  1. The proposed name of your initiative
  2. An outline of the social/environmental issue and its impacts on wellbeing (what is it, who is impacted, in what ways)
  3. An outline of the existing research on what can improve the wellbeing of people impacted by this social/environmental issue (i.e. what do we know works to improve social connectedness, mental health, efforts to recycle, community divisions, young people disengaged from a community/employment)
  4. An outline of your program/initiative (what it is, what it addresses, and how)
  5. For the ‘how’ part, you want to detail each element of your initiative and what it will do (in the same way that you detailed in A2 each element of existing initiatives and what their outcomes were) and the research to back it up (i.e. we know this can work because…)
  6. Provide a reference list, either as part of your film or in a separate document (its probably easier to make this the last slide in your film though).

As this is a ‘film’ (even if it’s done in Powerpoint), please use creative ways to present your initiative – animation, images, music.


If you use photos to support visual impact of concepts they must be source cited if not your own.

Below is a link to a video I created for a proposed social innovation initiative. It is possibly one of the most embarrassingly naïve and naff videos ever, however, in the interests of providing resources to help you with your assessments, I have (with some internal cringing) put a link to this below! (I have just watched it again, and noticed in the background of the first photo of my dogs that they had busted through the screen door – again – and the fly screen is hanging down while they beg for treats! They’ve all passed on now, rest their naughty little souls J)

LENGTH: Your short film will be a minimum of 9 and a maximum of 10 minutes in length. Meeting the time limit for the presentation is included as a marking criteria in your marking rubric on Moodle. See the Psychology Word Count Information document for a rationale for using this type of restriction.

SUBMISSION DETAILS: Please submit either your narrated/animated PowerPoint vide, if the file is less than 100MB, or a word document which includes the link to your film on YouTube if it is over 100MB.


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