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Assignment. | Get Quick Solution
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You are to write 750-1000 words. Depending on the font and size, 1 page double spaced is about 250 words and should form approximately 3 paragraphs. The Literacy Narrative, then, would call for approximately 3-4 pages totalling approximately 9-11 paragraphs. An introduction and conclusion will take up 2 of those leaving 7-9 paragraphs to weave your story. Think through how you want to allocate that space to tell your story.

Your thesis will make a clear statement about your relationship with literacy, and your narrative will share the experiences that explain the statement.

You are the main character in your Literacy Narrative, and your readers want to see how the main character developed as a result of interaction with people and texts and contexts. Your development is the real moral of your story, and textual engagement is one of the motivating factors that contributed to your development.


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