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Assignment | Get Quick Solution
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What are microaggressions?

How can we, as counselors, protect against microaggressions in the counseling relationship?

List three things counselors can do to recognize and then avoid microaggressions in the therapeutic relationship.

1- Take some time and consider what your personal values are concerning the below noted topic;

Sexuality, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity

2- In a well written one page essay, please


Parent who want your help in changing a child’s behavior because it does not conform with their religious or cultural beliefs.

Use the code identified in the text to acknowledge your level of comfort in working with your scenario

Provide a detailed explanation of your decision.

Include in your explanation how your values were shaped in your family of origin and childhood and how this plays a part in your current value system.

What ethical concerns to you think could arise if confronted with a client such as the one you’ve selected. How would you overcome those ethical concerns?


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