Assignment List Week 5: Position Paper

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Assignment List Week 5: Position Paper
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WEEK 2 –The topic selected for the informative essay is “Air pollution”. This alludes to the act of releasing harmful substances into the air, thus making it unfit for both humans and other living organisms (Straif, Cohen & Samet, 2017). The problem of air pollution affects everyone in society; for this reason, I feel that informing the audience about it will be necessary. Pollution is associated with many health problems for both humans and animals in the ecosystem. This topic is relevant to the learners as they are in the generation that can helps end the problem of pollution. Therefore, by informing the audience about air pollution, they will be able to make wise decisions when it comes to matters related to environment conservation. Besides, they will embrace best practices that can facilitate environment conservation.

The debatable essay will entail persuading the audience to take a side on the selected topic. In this case, I will debate the topic “Should abortion is legalized?” This is among the most controversial issues in society; I find it more critical following the morals and ethics associated with the act of abortion (Donohue & Levitt, 2019). Abortion has been used as a scapegoat for the people’s unethical behaviors, despite being illegal in most of the nations; it is still prevalent in society today. By looking at the cons of legalizing abortion, I will explain to the audience that the cases of abortion and unprotected sex will augment following its legalization. Further, I will explain to the audience the importance of safeguarding any form of life, in whatever the situation.


Donohue, J. J., & Levitt, S. D. (2019). The Impact of Legalized Abortion on Crime over the Last Two Decades (No. w25863). National Bureau of Economic Research.

Straif, K., Cohen, A., & Samet, S. (2017). Air Pnd c? ncer.

Assignment Instructions

Position Paper


Communication is used to inform, to persuade and to analyze. In this assignment, you will persuade the reader of your point of view by supporting a thesis with objective facts and credible evidence.

In the week 2 forum, you selected your topic for this paper. You will take a stance on this issue and support your stance with credible evidence in your body paragraphs.

For this assignment, you have traditional and creative options. Choose what will challenge your writing and what would be appropriate for your topic and field:

  • Traditional 5 paragraph essay with 1 paragraph introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and 1 paragraph conclusion.
  • Op-ed newspaper article.
  • Blog post.
  • Letter/proposal to stakeholders.
  • Press release.
  • Letter to the editor.
  • Presidential address.
  • Election speech (written only).
  • Application for a position related to the topic.
  • Defense attorney’s opening statement.
  • Case brief.
  • Advocacy statement.
  • Call to action paper.


In order to persuade the audience to accept the position you are advocating in this paper, you will use different kinds of appeals:

  • ethos (which involves the credibility of the speaker, writer, or authority being cited);
  • logos (which involves facts, statistics, and logic); and
  • pathos (which involves emotions).

A good persuasive argument uses credible sources, objective evidence, and emotional “hooks” to make use of logos, ethos, and pathos respectively.

Be sure your thesis statement is very clear. It should be a single complete sentence, including both a subject and a predicate, that combine to make claim. Example: “The USA should be more competitive in establishing a presence on Mars.”

Your introduction paragraph should include a “hook” to grab the reader’s attention. The thesis statement is typically seen in the first paragraph. Your body paragraphs will support the thesis. You should use credible sources and cite them according to the style of your discipline. Your conclusion should reiterate the strongest points from your paper and give the audience something to consider, moving forward.


  • PURPOSE: To persuade
  • AUDIENCE: The applicable audience for the type of document you’ve chosen to write.
  • LENGTH: 500 – 750 words (Times New Roman font)
  • SOURCES: A minimum of 3 with at least 1 from the library, and at least 1 from a professional journal or organization
  • FORMAT: The citation style that is appropriate for your discipline
  • DUE: SUNDAY 11:55 pm EST of Week 5
  • SUBMIT: In ASSIGNMENTS submit your essay by uploading your Word file

Use only third person (he/she/they) for a more professional tone. Avoid first person (I, my, us, we) and second person (you and your) in your essay.

**Remember that all work submitted is to be your own original work except where properly acknowledged and cited. Do not reuse work, papers, or speeches from previous (or concurrent) classes as this violates APUS academic integrity policies. (Make sure to note the section on self-plagiarism.) **


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