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Audience Analysis | Get Quick Solution
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Three Full paragraphs to each person’s observation (BELOW) of the Audience Analysis Survey results (POWERPOINT ATTACHMENT) and how their response to specific issues or causes compares with your perspective (WORD ATTACHMENT).

1. When we look at the survey you will find a lot of questions that have more than two choices, But when we look to question 22end we will find out there is only two available choices either capital punishment should be used or shouldn’t be used. The survey data shows that most of the people have chosen that the death penalty should be used as they belie most of the crimes are serious enough to receive such a death punishment. My view on this dissection is different; I believe that most of whom have chosen the first answer only look at this serious decision of life from its surface without getting deeper. 64% of people who surveyed want the death penalty to be allowed in the USA without paying attention to how many we will lose every year or even how many of the prisoners who commit crimes can be oppressed. As we get 64% for the death penalty to be allowed from almost 40 students in the class imagine what the percentage will be for a large sample of people.

One of the causes that make me against this subject is that the death penalty gives some of the worst offenders publicity that they don’t deserve. Another issue is that this type of punishment involves doctors who are sworn to save lives not to be a part of a dead issue. How can we trust them after seeing them taking part in one of these executions? The last cause that makes me oppose the death penalty is that even guilty have a right to life. Sometimes we make mistakes under pressure or tough life issues, however, we shouldn’t kill someone according to the law cause they were trying to rob money to get food to their children. The death penalty shouldn’t be allowed in the united states, on the other hand, we can make judgments and strict laws such as gong to prison for many years or we can rehabilitate them by forcing them to join school behind bars according to finish their sentence.

2. While most of these results didn’t come as a shock to me I was surprised but the results for the question “I think it is important to become involved in political activities” this data captured my attention the most because I feel like there is a lot going on in the world right now and it feels like everyone has an opinion so the fact 40% of the class responded with “neither agree nor disagree” was surprising to me. A theme I see amongst my classmate are we are all in similar areas of life regarding status. For the most part we are in the same age range, and most of us live with our parents. I also noticed most questions that involve the government and politics are answered with “don’t know” or “neither Agree not disagree. I fell that the result would indeed be different if the survey was taken at a larger sample size. More people means more background and more opinions. I know some people have stronger opinions on thing such as the topics that were included in this survey such as marital rights for same sex couples and abortions laws.

Something I would like to discuss would be our current situation involving the global pandemic, wearing a mask. I understand a lot of people don’t like wearing mask because it is hot and uncomfortable. I also understand that the research concerning how the virus is spread changes quite frequently. However, form the beginning it has been stated that the virus can be transmitted through coughing, sneezing or even talking. That being said wearing a mask can stop healthy people from getting infected.

3. The audience analysis survey. We don’t specifically know which student chose which answer, but we do know the total percentage for each question and how many students answered for each category. One specific question from the survey that captured my attention was “What is your highest level of education completed?” This caught my attention the most because I saw that over 50% of the class have only acquired a high school degree, which was a total of 14 respondents. Then, I saw that 36% (which was 9 respondents) had completed between 31 and 60 college level credits! That is completely opposite of the other 50% who only have a high school degree. I found that really cool that we have such a big range of education levels in the course.

A huge issue/conflict is happening right now in the United States. The main issue that involves so many is the election. I correlated question 11 which asked what political party we are affiliated with or lean towards. I do not get involved in political matters, nor do I hardly ever speak about it. I was shocked to see that 48% chose “not involved” because nowadays most people are strongly opinionated about their views on whom they follow/ believe in. It was nice to see there are others who don’t involve themselves in the political craziness, because unfortunately I have seen it ruin a lot of good friendships and relationships.


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