BA60171 Campbellsville The Kentucky Sizzlers Group Marketing Plan Paper The document has the abstract and executive summary of what the restaurant is and i

BA60171 Campbellsville The Kentucky Sizzlers Group Marketing Plan Paper The document has the abstract and executive summary of what the restaurant is and its description. We need to write a “Pricing strategy ” ( a part of marketing plan ) for that restaurant for about 1-2 pages in detail. * strictly no plagiarism. * Need to give the references In APA format as well. ( 2 minimum). * Any graphs or tables are encouraged. GROUP MARKETING PLAN
Group Marketing Plan
BA 601-71 G2 Marketing Management
Group D – Mohamad Kaafarani, Sravya Kandagatla, Mayuri Katapally, Sai Srunjitha
Kavuri, Satyatej Koganti, Sai Krishna Kolipaka, Sindhu Reddy Kommera, Dwipika
Konduru, Sunil Kotala, Pavani Kottapalli, Shashikant Kallem, Udayganesh Kommalapati
Campbellsville University
Abstract: Group D introduces The Kentucky Sizzlers. A multicultural restaurant with 50
dining and 10 lounge seats. The menu offers authentic food from Indochinese cuisines. The
Kentucky Sizzlers will be designed to provide customers with an authentic and wholesome
experience with soothing music, candles, pleasant colors, fresh flowers, antique designs and an
elegant longue. The restaurant’s location will on 4th street in Louisville, KY.
Executive Summary: The future is promising for this location as the 4th street in Louisville,
KY is very popular, has tons of attractions and provides customers with an authentic experience.
The restaurant would be targeted by either customers who are looking for authentic Indian and/or
Chinese food, or customers spending time in the city. The restaurant will be open Monday
through Sunday, have a friendly environment, excellent customer services, and experienced
cooks. We expect our investment in hiring the best suited staff and training them will pay off in
providing excellent services to attract and retain customers to our restaurant.
As part of our marketing plan, we will hire a skilled marketing team who has the expertise
in promoting our business into the market. They can help us establish our target market by
gaining customer insight. This insight can be used to further enhance out marketing strategies
effectively. (Toni, D. D. et al. 2017). In addition, we will complete a SWOT analysis. This will
help us understand the business’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. (Bekoglu &
Onayl?, 2016). To develop an effective marketing plan, a company must have attractive pricing
deals such as discounts for loyal customers. Analyzing our competitors’ businesses will also be
helpful in understanding the market to develop strong promotional strategies for our restaurant.
Another important aspect is having an efficient delivery team. Customers can see delivery team
members on the street and will know more about the business. Last but not least, we firmly
believe in an online presence to help promote our business (Schwarzl & Grabowska, 2015).
Aggressive online marketing has played a dominant role as almost all consumers use one social
media outlet or another. We plan on establishing a strong social media presence through
Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Yelp and YouTube. Also, creating a user-friendly website for
the restaurant will make it accessible for customers to order online, view our menu, story, and
mission statement.
The key for our financial success is expertise and quality services. The expected start-up
expenditure is roughly $300,000 while expecting $800,000 in revenue by the end of second year.
Besides partnering funds, we may seek 60% of the start-up costs through a loan from the bank.
Our plan is to return the investors fund with a 2% interest. Our objective is to keeping supplies
cost under 30% and keping labor cost between 20-25% of the revenue. The Kentucky Sizzlers
will start out as a small business initially and gain the brand value through excellent services and
feedback. We also plan on keeping sales between $900,000-$1,000,000 per year and advertising
the services to expand the market. The goal is to get a return of 15% on investors principal
amount in the first two years and 18% by the third year.
Bekoglu, F. B., & Onayl?, C. (2016). Strategic Approach in Social Media Marketing and a Study
on Successful Facebook Cases. European Scientific Journal, Vol. 12, No. 7, 261-274.
Schwarzl, S., & Grabowska, M. (2015). Online marketing strategies: the future is here. Journal of
International Studie, Vol. 8, No. 2, 187-196.
Toni, D. D., Milan, G. S., Saciloto, E. B., & Larentis, F. (2017). Pricing strategies and levels and
their impact on corporate profitability. Rausp Management Journal, Vol. 52, 120-133.

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BA60171 Campbellsville The Kentucky Sizzlers Group Marketing Plan Paper The document has the abstract and executive summary of what the restaurant is and i
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