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ban – 300 words | Get Quick Solution
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What do you think about what the NYC ban on sugary-drinks (sodas) attempted to do and how do you feel about the historical result the ban did not last?

Highlight any content you found of interest in any of the video clips and/or articles above.

Whether or not you oppose the ban on drinks in NYC, would you be someone who might purchase two 16 ounce sized drinks for a movie, for example? (Remember, the amount in grams of sugar you see on a label can be divided by 4 to determine the number of teaspoons in a serving of that beverage/product).

Do you think a ban such as this shed awareness as to the amount of sugar in soda and should other cities attempt to ban soda-size too?

Do you think people in 2018, people in the U.S. have become more aware about the dangers of too much added sugar in the diet? Support your answer with recent peer reviewed journal articles and/or information from reliable Internet sources.

Include reliable Internet sources or articles of interest which support your decision or point of view for any points of view/perspective discussed.


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