BFA Exhibition proposal

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BFA Exhibition proposal
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Please help me revise my proposal.

Please address these questions in your proposal:

  • What will you do? Please describe the source material you will use for your project. Will your work include paintings, sculpture, digitally constructed work, use elements of installation, incorporate still images, video, sound and/or text? Are you using your own materials or will they be appropriated? Describe the philosophical, theoretical or aesthetic underpinnings of your project. Describe the physical aspects of your project – size, shape, etc. Will it be images framed and matted, a painting on stretcher bars, or will your piece take a different form? If so, what will it be like? Describe it.
  • Where will you do it? In what areas of the school or off campus are you planning to work? Will you be working in the photo lab, the MQH print lab, the shop in the art building, at home? Do you have the technical skills necessary to complete your project or will you need help from me, another student or someone outside of the class? Are the facilities available to you to do this? Do you need to reserve audio/visual equipment or time and/or equipment in another department? Will you need to use the shop? Have you taken the shop test? Some of these last questions are SJSU related, and would not be included in a formal proposal to a gallery.
  • What is your timetable? Describe your plans for completing the project. Create a plan, complete with dates for when you will have the various components of your project finished. Use the Schedule (also available on Canvas) to help you plan. Take special note of the deadlines for the first and second critiques, and the deadline for completion of the project above). Which portions will you have completed by these dates? Projects left for completion at the last minute can be stressful and may not be as successful as they could have been with better planning.
  • What form will your project ideas take? What makes this form appropriate to your subject matter? How will this form resolve your project needs?
  • Why are you pursuing this project? What experiences or situations do you bring to this project? Why does this subject matter interest you? What professional or artistic benefit will this project have for your future?
  • What issues about culture or politics are of interest to you (if any)? How will your BFA Exhibition materializing these topics into a project which might incorporate personal issues and/or greater public engagement (Social Practice)?
  • Include a simple budget. How muchwill your materials cost?


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