Big Bang Model, | Browse Solutions

Measuring Tape
1. Partially inflate the balloon.
2. Fold and clip it shut with the clothespin so the air does not escape.
3. Draw six evenly spaced dots on the balloon with the marker.
Label the dots A,B,C,D,E,
5. Using the ruler, measure the distance, in mm, from Dot A to each of the other dots.
6. Record your measurements in Tablel under initial measurements.
7. Remove the clothespin and inflate the balloon some more
8. Observe what happens to the dots
9. Pin the balloon closed and measure the distance from Dot A to each of the other dots.
10. Record your data in Table 1 under Trial #1
11. Repeat Steps 7 – 10 two more times

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Big Bang Model, | Browse Solutions
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