Bishop State Community College Resume and Cover Message Please see the attached instructions for this writing assignment.Also attached, is the job descript

Bishop State Community College Resume and Cover Message Please see the attached instructions for this writing assignment.Also attached, is the job description posting that I have chosen to apply for. For this assignment, you will draft one résumé and one cover letter (which the textbook calls a
“cover message”). Before starting this assignment, please read Chapter 15 of Business
Communication. You may also want to re-read the assigned chapters from Week 1 before beginning
this assignment. Your résumé and cover letter should apply all the paragraphing and writing
techniques that you have learned from the Evergreen and Business Communication textbooks from
the prior weeks (except the materials relating to outlining, negative messages, and short workplace
You first need to find a job posting for a law enforcement position. (I intentionally listed a broad
category for you all.) You may select any job opening that interests you.
You then need to create a personal résumé and cover letter that directly respond to the job posting.
For example, if the job posting requires “the ability to work well on teams,” then your résumé or
cover letter (or both) need to demonstrate how you satisfy the requirement. To further illustrate, if the
job opening requires “leadership experience,” then highlight that experience on your application
As to your résumé, you should write a chronological or functional one based on the considerations
discussed in section 15-4 of Business Communication. (Most of you should select a chronological
résumé, which is often the “safer” choice.) Organize your résumé with effective categories and use
descriptive headings. Your résumé should have a main heading at the top and should describe your
education, work experience (and/or employment history), and skills. Although personal interests and
career objective sections are optional, you need to include a summary of qualifications near the top
of your résumé (only two or three bulleted statements are required). Use action verbs to start the
bullet points when describing your experience, job duties, and accomplishments. Do not exceed one
and a half pages for your résumé.
Your cover letter should introduce your résumé, highlight your strengths in terms of benefits to the
employer, and request an interview. Specifically, the first full paragraph of your letter should
introduce its purpose and identify the position being applied for. The next paragraphs (the message
body) should “sell” your experience, skills, and abilities, as well as focus on the employer’s needs.
The closing paragraph should seek an interview and motivate action. Remember to include a formal
signature line. Do not exceed one page for your letter.
Your résumé and cover letter are worth 35 points collectively. Each document will be worth roughly
half of those points.
As to formatting your cover letter, please follow these requirements:
? Set all four margins at 1.00”;
? Single space the sentences within each paragraph but double space
between paragraphs (like this memo);
? Use 12-point type font; and
? Do not right justify the margins.
United States Secret Service Officer (Uniformed Division)
United States Secret Service – Texas
$61,796 – $106,302 a year
Apply On Company Site
Are you looking for a career in law enforcement? Consider joining the U.S. Secret Service as a
Uniformed Division Officer. The prestigious mission of the Uniformed Division is to protect
facilities and venues secured for U.S. Secret Service protectees. Working in the Office of
Protective Operations, Uniformed Division, you will earn a starting salary of $61,796 (LE-008301, step 1) with a potential to reach $106,302 per year.
During the course of their careers, Uniformed Division Officers carry out assignments in
protection that include:
· Providing protection for The White House Complex, The Vice President’s Residence, The Main
Treasury Building and Annex, and foreign diplomatic missions and embassies in the
Washington, D.C. area.
· Traveling in support of the Presidential, Vice Presidential, and foreign heads of
state/government missions.
· Enforcing mandated protective responsibilities as described under Title 18, United States
Code, Section 3056A.
Become a part of the Uniformed Division’s mission and serve with a team that promotes a
tradition of honor, integrity, and a commitment to excellence. Apply Now!
EOE. #ZeroFailMission
Job Type: Full-time
Pay: $61,796.00 – $106,302.00 per year
Work Location:
Multiple locations
Company’s website:
Work Remotely:

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Bishop State Community College Resume and Cover Message Please see the attached instructions for this writing assignment.Also attached, is the job descript
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