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blog writing
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so, we are basically writing a blog . My major is civil engineering .

For the next post on blogs, what should we highlight in the post? Please provide the following bits of information:

  1. Who is the author/publisher or the blog/website?
  2. Is the blog affiliated with associations/ businesses/organizations?
  3. Intended audience
  4. What is the purpose/goal? What gap are they filling?
  5. What is the basic content/topic, e.g. recent articles/posts
  6. How often is it updated?
  7. What you can get out of it?
  8. Add any other details that are unique to the site!

C. How to find blogs and websites in your field? There is no secret to this. Usually, you just have to do a basic google search. Once you find a bunch of them, however, the key is to figure out how to evaluate and how to choose which two are best for your personal blog post. For example, my major field of study was Philosophy and Literature. I can do a basic google search with the possible keywords: “Philosophy blogs”, “best philosophy blogs”, “philosophy and literature blogs”, or any other variation of these. Once I locate a number of them, I have to start whittling them down to find ones that are reputable and match my interests. To determine if they are reputable, it is a good idea to check out the author’s credentials. To find out if it is a good match to your interests, look over the blog and the recent posts/articles. There is really no secret to it; it just takes some time to weed through everything.

Some comments on the blogs in general.

  1. Be sure to consider your audience. Remember this is a blog directed toward students like you who are interested in advancing in their field of study. You are helping them along. You are trying to create or contribute to that discipline community.
  2. With this in mind, be sure to have a beginning, middle, and end. In other words, have an introduction that explains the purpose of your post and to whom you are writing, then provide the main content, and lastly close out the post by wrapping it up and/or pointing to what is coming up next. Think about a conversation you might have with an incoming student. You would not walk up and just start talking about associations in your particular field without saying “Hello”, and you probably wouldn’t tell the student about the associations and then just leave without saying “good-bye”. Rather you would begin by introducing yourself and what you plan to tell the student, tell her the main content, and then close it out by seeing if she has any questions or concerns.
  3. I would also like to see the post presented more clearly. I suggest the following: A) Write an introduction of a few sentences for the opening paragraph/section. B) The first blog that you will discuss. Please highlight or bold the name of the blog. Complete that discussion. C) Discuss the second blog in the next paragraph. Please highlight or bold the title of the blog. Complete the discussion of that one. D) Close out the post by wrapping it up and/or pointing ahead to the next blog. A blog should be easy to follow. Imagine you are looking online to find a good movie to watch on Netflix. You click a link that has the 25 best comedies on Netflix. You probably would NOT find a big long paragraph with all 25 movies blended together; rather you would see a separate section for each film highlighted/linked with a number/ranking next to it. This will make it easier to skim through possible film choices.


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