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Board discussion | Get Quick Solution
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Pick TWO questions and discuss based on the video “Why was Pink for Boys and Blue for Girls?”:

  1. How does the video challenge the dominant American gender ideology of “blue for boys and pink for girls”?
  2. How does this video reflect, or not, the binary model for gender and sex still dominant in our society?
  3. How do you reproduce/practice, or challenge this binary model when a baby is about to come to your family?

Rubric: Your post needs to include 6-10 full sentences. In addition, you MUST reply to at least one of your classmates..

Remember to stick to the Course Norms, or Netiquette, specially to the “Be specific” point. Also, check the grading rubric.

Answer these questions separately:

1.Write 10 things you learned about the Muxes, among them, what is their social role.

2.What were babies wearing before pink and blue?

A.Unisex white gowns and dresses and long hair

B.Neutral colors

C.Lilac and green

D.Yellow and green

3.What historical event led to the random consolidation of pink and blue as infant colors, although not yet linked to a specific gender?



C.Industrial Revolution

D.The Civil Rights Movement

4.What contributed to the eventual winning of the current pattern of “blue for boys and pink for girls”?

A.Marketing and Advertisement


C.The Industrial Revolution


5.What caused the infant products geared towards a specific baby outcome increase in the 1980s?

A.Clearer ultrasound technologies

B.The Civil Rights




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