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Brief Reflection Papers | Get Quick Solution
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Brief Reflection Papers (2) (10 points each) 20 points

Students are expected to complete and submit two (2) brief reflection papers based upon their PERSONAL GROWTH AND SELF-REFLECTION of their small group experience. The reflection paper is expected to be no more than 2 pages typed, double spacing, APA style and NO ABSTRACT. Please use your weekly journal writing entries to facilitate the writing of your brief reflection papers. The grading of the Brief Reflection Papers are based on students’ willing to articulate their personal growth, self-reflection, and self-awareness of their small group experience.

Brief Reflection Paper (2)

Grading Criteria

Did Not Meet Competency

Not Clearly Addressed

Poor APA Writing

(0 points)

Met Competency


Clearly Addressed

No Evidence of


Fair APA Writing

(1 point)

Met Competency


Clear Addressed

Evidence of Integration

Good APA Writing

(2 points)

1. What has surprised you about yourself?

2. What has challenged you about yourself?

3. What are some ways in which you have felt connected to your group members?

4. What are some ways in which you have felt disconnected to your group members?

5. Overall, how would you describe your participation in the group?

Totals (10 points each)


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