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DIRECTIONS: read the prompt and answer questions.

PROMPT: The Robinsons, residents of New York, purchased a new Volkswagen car from World-Wide Volkswagen, a company incorporated in New York that has principal places of business in New York. While the car through Oklahoma, the Robinsons were severely injured in a car accident that resulted in $100,000 worth of medical bills and a totaled car, for which they paid $30,000. The Robinsons want to file a product liability lawsuit (state law issue) against World-Wide Volkswagen

1. In which of the following courts could the Robinsons file their case and why: an Oklahoma state court, a federal court in Oklahoma, a New York state court and/or a federal court in New York? Be sure to explain your reasoning and analysis.

SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS points Using the prompt for question 1, answer the question below in 1-5 sentences. 2. If the Robinsons are able to file their case in multiple courts, what factors should they consider when deciding in which court (forum) to file?


The Robinsons could file their case in an Oklahoma state court or a federal court in Oklahoma, since the accident occurred in Oklahoma and the Robinsons were injured there. They could also file their case in a New York state court or a federal court in New York, since World-Wide Volkswagen is incorporated in New York and has its principal places of business there.

If the Robinsons are able to file their case in multiple courts, they should consider factors such as the location of the defendant, the location of witnesses and evidence, the laws that will apply to their case, and the convenience for themselves and any parties involved in the case. They may also want to consider the reputation and experience of the judges and attorneys in each forum.


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