Can someone help with a discussion on thesis statements? | Get Quick Solution

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Can someone help with a discussion on thesis statements? | Get Quick Solution
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Step 1: Finding and Citing Sources

For this discussion forum, select one topic from the list provided below. Use the EBSCO host link to find five sources that relate to this topic. Confine your search to articles from 2010 to present. Copy and paste the APA citations into your post or your document.

  • Effects of Prison on First-time Offenders
  • Salaries for Engineers
  • Cyber terrorism
  • Effective Managers
  • Medical Coding Challenges

Step 2: State your position.

  • Draft one sentence stating your position on your chosen topic.

Step 3: Anticipating Different Points of View

  • Think through all aspects of the topic.
  • Develop a list of all various viewpoints, and select those that you will address with counter-arguments.

Step 4: Offering counter-arguments

  • Find a source that counters your statement (has a different viewpoint).
  • Draft one sentence that explains the different viewpoint.
  • Cite the source by copying and pasting the APA citation into the post.


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