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Case report 2 pgs | Get Quick Solution
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Assignment 1. Research Paper (RP), in teams, due date, Sept 24, 2020, at 11.59

or sooner:

For the Research Paper (RP), solve five Case-Applications in the book. Choose one case from any chapter (five cases total). Substitute the RP with these case problems. Do not plagiarize, it will be team work (five students). Choose a total of five cases from the book (go to the end of each chapter); as an example from chapter 9 (Leading): Read a Case Application #1 on pages 292. Solve the questions for Case Application #1, Four Discussion Questions on page 293. When answering, please write question and answer for each of the five cases. Work with selected five cases like this one, chosen from all the chapters.

Due date: submit by Blackboard as an attached file to a Course Mail on Sept 24, 2020, at 11.59 or sooner as an attached file to a Blackboard (Bb) mail. Five solved cases (please write question / solution) will substitute doing the Research Paper. Submit only one report by Blackboard (Bb). Do not duplicate in Blackboard or the regular platform.

When submitting the report, please don’t write:

– “I sent the report several minutes after the due date: 11.59 pm. because I had problems with my computer” (or Blackboard, or “charging my lap top”). Solution: do your homework one or two days before the due date and submit your work.

– “I did four cases but “X” student did not send me his or hers”, “May I do only three?” This situation will not be accepted. Prepare on time.

– You, the team, and all the participants in the group or / and individually have absolute responsibility… a 100% responsible.

– “Internet went off when I was finishing the Report”; solution: prepare your work one day before, use a different Internet equipment in case.

A general solution to these issues is:

Think AHEAD, FINISH YOUR HOMEWORK SEVERAL HOURS (DAYS?) BEFORE THE DUE DATE. Learn to work in teams; in real life, you will need to do the same. Please submit by Blackboard; reports will be reviewed for plagiarism.

Structure of the Cases:

Include a Cover page, Table of Contents, Introduction, References, font 11, 1.5 spaces, 10 pages long (total number of pages for all the report); write questions and answers, total 6 references at the end of the report; you can use the book as one reference; obtain five more sources from the Web. Do it in Word, justified (preferably use APA style in general, but I will be flexible). You will receive penalty points if the Cases lack these characteristics. You will be solving five cases total (choose from all the cases in all the chapters (end pages) to substitute doing the Research Paper.


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