CHI10 midterm

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CHI10 midterm
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How was “Chicano” signified in El Plan de Santa Barbara? What were the “social forces” that the Chicano Coordinating Council on Higher Education sought to challenge? How are these “social forces” addressed by Ian Haney Lopez in Racism on Trial, Martha Menchaca in Recovering History, Constructing Race, and/or Jack Forbes in Los Aztecas del Norte? What are two examples of how the movement sought to transform these forces and social conditions?

  • This midterm should be no longer than three pages long (4 including bibliography)
  • Double-space your midterm with a font similar to Times New Roman (1″ margins).
  • Your midterm should cite a minimum of three sources from the course readings. Your midterm should use the course readings to develop your thesis. Outside sources should not be used for this midterm. This midterm covers readings assigned in the syllabus between Oct 1 and Oct 24. Readings or documentaries that fall outside of this timeframe should not be used for this midterm. Documentaries can be used as sources for this midterm but should not be considered part of the minimum “three” sources required for the assignment. All sources should be included in the bibliography.
  • Specifically, this midterm covers the following readings, El Plan de Santa Barbara, Racism on Trial, 1491, Recovering History/Constructing Race, and Los Aztecas del Norte.
  • An A midterm will be concise and thoughtful with well-founded arguments based upon the course content. Your midterm should provide a concise thesis statement that directly responds to all parts of the midterm prompt with support derived from the course readings/content. Your midterm should have proper citation using MLA format and a corresponding bibliography.
  • Underline your thesis statement and follow the attached rubric for a breakdown on how you’ll be assessed for this assignment.
  • Your midterm should be uploaded as a Microsoft Word Document as an attachment to the Canvas Assignment Portal. Save your document with the following title: full name-midterm
  • This is a take home exam. You should work on this assignment individually. Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will be referred to Student Judicial Affairs (
  • If you do not know MLA or do not own an MLA style guide you can view the style guide at the following website:


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