Child Development Easy Discussion Prompt

Help me study for my English class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

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Child Development Easy Discussion Prompt
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  • What would you do if you were found infertile? Or if your partner were found infertile?
  • Would you consider alternative paths to conception? Answer the following questions with your thoughts. Please share your choices and reasoning, also considering as well, if these circumstances may involve close relatives.
    • Is it o.k. to have IVF?
    • If you conceive a child from a donated sperm or ovum, would you tell the conceived child?
    • (Female students) Would you allow to be fertilized by another man’s sperm other than your male partner’s/husband’s?
    • (Male students) Would you allow your female partner/wife to be fertilized by another man’s sperm?
    • If you are a woman, would you consider having another woman (surrogate) implanted with your fertilized egg? Would you consider being a surrogate (to anonymous or close friend/relative)?
    • Do you think it is o.k. for a woman to donate her egg? Would you donate your egg (to anonymous or close friend/relative)?
    • Would you give another couple (anonymous or close friend/relative) your frozen fertilized egg?
    • Is it o.k to donate sperm, to freeze sperm?


  • What choices would you make about contraception? What about for your potential partner (male/female)?
  • What personal experiences have you had with different types of contraception? Who do you think should be responsible for it?

Please answer each part being VERY descriptive because she is very strict! Also, I am a female!


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