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Behavioral Lab Alternative Assignment Spring 2019

The alternative to participating in research is to submit a paper reviewing, summarizing, and critiquing a

published journal article authored by Rady faculty. This will provide exposure to the research conducted

within the Behavioral Lab. You will be awarded credit based on evidence that you read and carefully

considered the article.

You may select ONE of the articles below. Articles are attached to this assignment.

1) McKenzie, C. R. M., Sher, S., Mueller-Trede, J., Lin, C., Liersch, M. J., & Rawstron, A. G. (2016).

Are longshots only for losers? A new look at the last race effect. Journal of Behavioral Decision

Making, 29, 25-36. [pdf]

2) Kunstman, J. W., Fitzpatrick, C., & Smith, P. K. (in press). Poisoned praise: Discounted praise

backfires and undermines subordinate impressions in the minds of the powerful. Social

Phsychological and Personality Science.


Credit Requirements

2.5-page paper will earn you 1 credit

5-page paper will earn you 2 credits

7.5-page will earn you 3 credits

You may write a max of 10 pages for 4 credits

Format Requirements

Times New Roman

12pt Font Double Spaced

1” margins

ASSIGNMENTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AFTER 11:59:59 PM ON MARCH 15, 2019. Submit by email as a

docx or pdf file to with subj: Alternative Assignment Winter 2019


In order to receive credit, you MUST create a SONA account, regardless of whether you participated in

lab studies or not:

Consider the following lenses in crafting your response to the paper:

What methodologies were employed in the discussed experiments? How did researchers operationalize

theoretical concepts within these experiments? What changes, if any, were included in subsequent

experiments and for what purpose? In what cases would these findings hold true? In what cases could

these findings be critiqued? What would you suggest for follow up research? What was your general

response to the research? In what ways are these studies applicable in ‘the real world’?


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