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Choose one topic and write and essay | Get Quick Solution
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Possible topics for the History 3C Final paper

1. What were the most significant changes in Africa during the nineteenth

century, and why did they occur?

2. During the nineteenth century, both Japan and China faced a combination of

internal tensions and Western imperialism. How did these two countries

respond to these challenges? Where did this leave both countries by the start

of the twentieth century?

3. What were the global consequences of WWI? How did the settlement at the

close of the war mark the start of a new era in international relations? What

pre-war problems did this resolve and what new tensions did it create?

4. Thinking about political extremism during the interwar period, write an

essay comparing either Italian fascism or German National Socialism with

Stalinism. In what ways were these political regimes similar and where did

they differ? How were they both seeking to address similar economic, social,

and political issues.

5. Compare the struggle for independence in two countries following WWII.

What were the factors that led to the push for independence? Were they

both violent? If so, why? If not, why not?

6. Using two cases, explore the nature and character of genocide. In what

contexts does it seem to emerge and why does it appear so difficult to


7. The Cold War dominated international politics during the second half of the

twentieth century. What were the causes of the Cold War? Using two

examples, describe how even though the US and the Soviet Union never went

to war, the Cold War featured a host of violent conflicts often playing out in

the Third World. Why did the Cold War make these conflicts so lethal?


• Cover sheet and Work cite page, MLA format

• Use page numbers and put you last name on every page after the first.

• Use a standard 12 pt font, such as Times New Roman or something similar.

• Double space


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