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Close Reading 2 | Get Quick Solution
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We use the quiz function to collect your short answers to the following close reading questions.You can only click on the quiz once, so only do so when you’re ready to paste in your answers in the appropriate box.

  • We suggest you cut and paste these into a Word, Pages, or Google doc and then write out your answers.
  • Keep a copy of the q&a in case Canvas has a problem when you’re trying to upload.


“In the Year 2889”

1.a Question: Give one direct quote from the story that explains how Smith engineered the revival of the “Earth Chronicle” after nearly collapsing due to low subscriptions? (4 points).

1.b Question: In 3 sentences, explain how Fritz Napoleon Smith’s “system” compares to the way we, in the 21st century, engage with newspapers today? (6 points)

2. “In the Year 2889”

According to the story, the “Earth Chronicle” combines

  • Patronage of the arts (novelists, concert musicians),
  • Support for the sciences (through the four applicants vying for fiscal support for their proposed experiments),
  • Diplomacy in international affairs (through the diplomats’ audiences with Mr. Smith, and
  • Providing information to the masses (through the reporters speaking the news for the audiences through the telephone lines).

Question: Which ONE of these four functions do you think the newspaper of the future should not be engaged in? Explain WHY (6 pts) and include a direct quote from the story in support of your rationale. (4 pts)

3. “The ‘New’ Jules Verne”

Question: Explain whether this article suggests that readers regard Jules Verne as a futurist or not? (6 points) Give one direct quote with page # as evidence to support your claim. (4 points)

4. “The ‘New’ Jules Verne”

Question: What does this article say about the short story’s original language of publication? Give one direct quote with page # as evidence (3 points) and explain the significance of this information (3 points) as far as the status of scholarship on Jules Verne and his literary oeuvre.

5. “Jules Verne’s America”

Question: Explain what outward sign of American imperialism does this essay discuss in the context of the story “In the Year 2889”? (3 pts) Give one direct quote with page # as evidence (3 points)

  1. “Jules Verne’s America”

Question: Explain to what end this article uses Jules Verne’s quote from his interviews with McClure’s Magazine. To answer, analyze what part of the overall argument this quote is used to prove. (4 pts) Cut and paste the sentence that expresses this overall argument (NOT Verne’s quote about Chicago) and cite the page #. (4 pts)

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Assigned Reading

1. Verne, Michel. (France), “In the Year 2889 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.,” Project Gutenberg e-book [14 pages, there’s not much plot but read to find echoes to our present-day technology]. Click here for info on Jules Verne (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (dad).

2. Evans, Arthur B. “The ‘New’ Jules Verne.Science Fiction Studies 22.1(1995): 35-46.

3. Evans, Arthur B. “Jules Verne’s America,” Extrapolation 48.1 (2006) 35-43.

Icons - watercolor effect_Video.png Assigned Viewing

Project Information Literacy (PIL) Major Findings from new study (2 min 35 secs)


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