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Collecting Data | Get Quick Solution
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Review a case study scenario, Feel free to embellish the scenario with additional details, as needed.

Complete the New Referral or Inquiry Form by using information from your selected case study scenario. below:

Brittany, 21, lives with her boyfriend in a two-bedroom townhouse. Brittany works full time at a gentleman’s club and makes good money, but because she’s paid in cash, she has been unable to pay her rent or bills on time for the past 2 months.

Upon turning 18, Brittany left foster care and moved from relative to relative until she had nowhere to live. Brittany is proud of the fact she has an apartment and owns her own car. However, she does not have car insurance because she could not keep up with the payments. Brittany’s boyfriend does not work and usually has at least 2 or 3 friends over who hang out, play video games, and drink beer all day. Brittany loves her boyfriend but is frustrated about having to pay the bills on her own.

Brittany was arrested 2 weeks ago at work for lewd behavior and was issued a $400 fine. Brittany does not know how she will be able to pay the fine, along with all her other bills. She’s thinking about taking a part-time job at another gentleman’s club on her days off.

Write a 500- to 700-word paper that discusses the importance of collecting appropriate data for intake and assessment, as well as addresses potential concerns associated with collecting the wrong data.


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