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Commas Assignment | Get Quick Solution
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Directions: Insert commas wherever necessary. Some sentences may be correct. If there are any sentences that don’t need commas, write the word “correct” by that number.

1. He called his attorney but forgot to leave some key information in his message.

2. San Francisco which is located in the Bay Area is a city of rich culture.

3. Mr. Parker is a funny intelligent man.

4. Brad is working hard to pass his GRE exam so he can attend medical school next fall.

5. Some people refuse to watch movies with gun violence because of their opposition to gun ownership.

6. Trains that are at least twenty years old are being removed from the tracks for renovations.

7. The movie contained moments of hilarity scenes of great sorrow and examples of tremendous human suffering.

8. After throwing the winning touchdown David threw up his hands in victory.

9. Many of John Grisham’s novels I believe have been on the New York Times bestseller list.

10. The paper contained enough facts didn’t it?

11. Because the tarmac was covered in ice all the planes were grounded.

12. Kathi shouted “It’s beginning to snow!”

13. Running around the schoolyard the kids were quickly chastised by the recess attendant.

14. I took piano lessons last summer since I was asked to play a song at my brother’s wedding.

15. Trista and Michael my next door neighbors just recently bought a puppy


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