?Community Education: Child Abuse and Neglect and Teen Pregnancy

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?Community Education: Child Abuse and Neglect and Teen Pregnancy
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Community Education: Child Abuse and Neglect and Teen Pregnancy

  1. Assess the role that community education plays with regard to child abuse and neglect, and determine some of the important components of educating the community about this issue.
  2. Choose one example of a community education program related to child abuse and neglect from your readings and determine why the program is beneficial with regard to this social issue. In your answer, assess whether or not there is anything that is missing from the program that you would add.
  3. Examine the role of community education as it relates to teen pregnancy, and determine why teen pregnancy is a public health issue.
  4. Justify why community education is so important with regard to teen pregnancy. Explore the benefits of addressing this social issue through educating others.


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