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Comp 2 1302 week 4 module | Get Quick Solution
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In our first three papers, we learned about and practiced analyzing literature. For this paper–Reporter’s Research Paper–we will look at what professional scholars argue about literature, specifically Trifles. Your task in this paper is to find and then explain their different arguments. Your job is to effectively organize what they argue using the tools of quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing.

Your task is not to argue with them but to show you understand what professional scholarly arguments have been made on Trifles.

The readings about literary terms are to give you exposure to the different approaches scholars have created. You can use this information in the introduction to this paper, when you move to the drafting stage.

Your first step is to gather scholarly arguments. You create an annotated bibliography, which is a list of sources not alphabetized with explanations about each source and how each source serves your assignment or paper requirement. What appears on an annotated bibliography probably will be in your paper, but not always. When you do select your final sources, they move from a bibliography page (non-alphabetized) to a Work Cited (because we are using the MLA system) page. For this assignment, you will also include a source for the play, and if you use information from this unit’s handouts, those pages as well. Those pages are from the other anthology: Introduction to Literature. Remember that source?

You are the reporter, not the arguer. In papers 1 to 3, you argued for your interpretation of the literature either through a question you created or a question you selected. In this paper you will answer this question: What are scholars arguing about Trifles.

This final draft is your report on the critical approaches used to interpret Susan Glaspell’s Trifles. You should have between 4 and 5 pages of the report and one works cited page. Use the MLA format for this paper’s layout as well as in the documentation components, like the works cited page and the parentheticals. You should decide your organizational strategy based on the material you find. You should give the reader enough information on each source to understand the approach taken in the article. You should use the tools of quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing to give this information.


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