Comparison-Contrast Essay All the details and requirements are in the folder, and the two contrasting poems have been selected. Peer Review: Comparison – C | Homework Answers

Comparison-Contrast Essay All the details and requirements are in the folder, and the two contrasting poems have been selected. Peer Review: Comparison – Contrast
Write your answers on this sheet. Also, mark the essay where appropriate.
Writer’s name:
(Writer: please underline your thesis and topic sentences)
Editor’s name:
1. Does the essay have an attention-getter in the introduction? Is it effective?
2. Does the introduction narrow to the main idea (thesis)? Is the thesis stated clearly
as one sentence that contains a claim?
3. Does the essay have an engaging title that makes you want to read it? Does the
title help you understand the main idea?
4. Does the essay use a point-by-point or blocking pattern? If so, which one.
5. Identify passages where the language is too vague and needs more concrete and
specific language. The body paragraphs especially should be full of specific
details and examples.
6. Identify passages lacking in sentence variety.
7. Is the essay organized clearly? Are there enough transitions between sentences
and paragraphs so it reads smoothly? Identify places lacking transitions.
8. Check each body paragraph’s topic sentence. Does it describe the main idea of
the paragraph? In other words, are all the sentences in the paragraph directly
relevant to it? Mark any that aren’t relevant.
9. Does the conclusion provide a sense of closure while reiterating the thesis?
10. Mark any errors of grammar, punctuation, and mechanics. Hunt especially for
comma splices, run-on sentences, fragments, and apostrophe errors.
Assignment for Essay 2 on Poetry
Write an essay of not less than 900 words comparing and contrasting any two poems chosen from Backpack Literature using
Voice, imagery and form/structure as framework.
The framework for comparison of the two poems is Voice, imagery and form/structure emphasizing how they help delineate
meaning. You should use the alternating, integrated, or point-by point comparison method which explores one point of
similarity or difference about each subject, followed by a second point, and so on. Some pointers:
Provide a clear introduction and thesis that not only spells out the major similarities and differences you will be
discussing but that answers the question, “So what?”
To avoid creating a glorified list, synthesize and organize the material in a logical way.
Conclude the paper by summarizing and analyzing the findings, once again reminding the reader of the relationships
you have noted between Poem A and Poem B.
You are expected to do a point-by-point comparison. By this method you write about each major point for both poems before
moving on to another main point. Follow this order:
Poem A
Poem B
Poem A
Poem B
Poem A
Poem B
Use transitional words and phrases to move back and forth from one poem to another. Here are some transitions to use:
Words to indicate comparison: in comparison, similarly, likewise, in the same way, parallel to, correlate, identically, akin to,
consistent with, also, too, analogous to, correspondingly
Words to indicate contrast: in contrast, however, on the other hand, nevertheless, although, counter to, on the contrary,
conversely, rather than, in opposition to, opposite of Sample Introductory Paragraph
For more on writing comparison and contrast essays, go to pages 1130-1134 of Backpack Literature and read my notes on
Comparison and Contrast in the Writing resources folder of blackboard.
Yang 1
Jiahui Yang
English 1102
February 28?2019
Only the Damage Brought by the War
Compared to the last century, we are now in a very peaceful world. People of the
twentieth century were tortured by war. In Wilfred Owe’s “Dulce et Decorum Est” and Yusef
Komunyakaa’s “Facing it”, each poet experienced war and expressed his views on war.In
these two poems,voice, imagery, and form reveal the relationship between the war and the
soldiers,Although one poet described the war as another poet described the war, but it
embodies a theme: the only damage brought by the war.
The speakers of the two poems were soldiers, who thought they were soldiers on the
battlefield, and the other were veterans who stood in front of the Vietnam War Memorial. The
tone and mood in “Dulce et Decorum Est” is set by language such as “misty panes and thick
green light.” From the start poet make the audience feel that the world has been turned upside
down, and that all things having to do with happiness and vitality have been cast away. This
is not a lively green, but a thick green. The window is not clear, but misty. This is the land of
the walking dead, of the sickly–a world cold, muddy and metallic.By the end of the poem, it
appears the reader has been moved away from the “haunting” battlefield, and the setting
becomes internal. Here, the mood is less gruesome, but no less pitiful. In one sense, to see the
Yang 2
way these scenes of death and violence have affected the poets mind is just as disturbing as
the scenes themselves.The whole poem is full of pain and sadness from beginning to end.
Similarly?Yusef Komunyakaa stood at the angle of the veteran who thought that he
participated in the monument. At the beginning of the poem, he wrote: “dammit: No tears.I’m
stone. I’m flesh.” We can feel the pain of the speaker, and there is no way for him to control
his inner feelings.Later, he found the name of his comrade Andrew Johnson on the stone
tablet, and immediately recalled the scene of the war. This makes the poem more war-like and
the tone is heavier.
The two poems are packed full of vivid images about battle. Through these images, the
poet brings the harm of war to people to the fullest..The opening scene “Dulce et Decorum
Est” is one of a group of soldiers who were exhausted from the front line “”towards our
distant rest” ” because the bombs fell and the deadly gas was released. The details are tight
and direct, allowing the reader to go straight into the thick trench battle.These people look old,
but this is just an illusion. The war distorted the reality and gradually became surreal as the
poetry progressed. The speaker evokes a dreamlike scene, surrounded by the green color of
gas that turns his mind to another element, water, and the cruel ocean of a man drowning.As
the drowning person is discarded in the cart, the description becomes more intense. All the
speakers can do is to compare the pain with the disease without a known cure. The final
image – the sore on the tongue – hints at what the dying soldier himself might say about the
war and the glorious death. In comparison?When the veteran in the “Facing it” read the name
Yang 3
on the monument, “half-expecting to find/ my own in letters like smoke.” experienced such a
terrible war. On a certain level, he thought he was dead.When he found Andrew’s name,
“white flash” of the exploding booby trap appeared.Later, he even mistaken the red bird for
the plane.The terrible war has brought tremendous damage to veterans, both mentally and
These two poems have their own unique characteristics in form.“Dulce et Decorum Est”
is not a typical poem.The first stanza is a very simple eight-line model.However, when we
reached the second (and third) stanza, things began to fall apart. Stanza two seems to follow
the pattern specified in the first stanza.The change in rhyming mode reflects more and more
war horror.There are only six lines in stanza 2. In fact, its rhyming plan was suddenly
interrupted and only continued in stanza 3. It’s almost like this stanza is divided into two
separate stanzas. In the fourth stanza of this poem, everything will collapse. In contrast?
“Facing It” isn’t divided into some parts.It describes a particular experience, but it is neither a
narrative nor dramatic poem because it relates only a few particulars of the visit and instead
focuses on the images that come out of that experience. The poem is deceptively simple in
both denotative and Figurative language, and this is undoubtedly part of its power. Many
lines are monosyllabic in their vocabulary, which adds to the directness of the poem.
In their poems, whether from soldiers in the trenches or veterans who survived, we can
clearly feel the horror of war and the harm it brings. The war is not as full of the glory that
people say. In this world, war is hell, and the only damage brought by it.
Yang 4
Work Cited
Wilfred, Owe .”Dulce et Decorum Est.” Backpack Literature: An Introduction
to Fiction, Poetry, Drama, and Writing, edited by X. J. Kennedy and Dana Gioia, 5th ed.,
Pearson, 2016, p398-99.
Yusef, Komunyakaa .”Facing it”
Backpack Literature: An Introduction
to Fiction, Poetry, Drama, and Writing, edited by X. J. Kennedy and Dana Gioia, 5th ed.,
Pearson, 2016, p530-31.

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Comparison-Contrast Essay All the details and requirements are in the folder, and the two contrasting poems have been selected. Peer Review: Comparison – C | Homework Answers
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