Compassion and El Applied, and Writing Effective Introductions | Get Quick Solution

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Compassion and El Applied, and Writing Effective Introductions | Get Quick Solution
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part 1 ( Compassion and El Applied)

You’ve read several chapters this week regarding how Emotional Intelligence (or lack thereof) shows up in various contexts, ranging from healthcare and school settings to our intimate relationships. You’ve also listened to Daniel Goleman discuss E.I. and compassion.

Drawing on your reading and our TED TALK, identify one instance where practicing the skills outlined in Emotional Intelligence could improve the situation/could have improved the situation in your own life. For instance, you might discuss something that happened at work or with your significant other, and how the skills we have been discussing could have been or could be applied there.

Make sure you connect your narrative with our text and/or video; that is, how does what you are saying/telling us about connect to what you have read and watched?

part 2 ( Writing Effective introduction

In your own words, describe what to include an in effective introduction. Once you have covered all the key concepts, draft your own introduction and include it here.

Reply to at least two classmates, offering a thoughtful and thorough review of their response. Make certain your review addressed all four components of the introduction as outlined in the module this week.

Is there a hook? Is it effective? Does the author provide enough background/context? What else might they need to include? Are the topic sentence clear and supporting a clear thesis statement?

In your replies for this week’s discussion, see if you can identify each of the parts of another’s introduction, and offer suggestions for improvement.

Remember, you can also use the video feature (above, in your tool bar) to record your responses, especially when reviewing your classmate’s work. We love seeing your smiling face! 🙂


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