Complete Essay prompt of At least 350 words | Get Quick Solution

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Complete Essay prompt of At least 350 words | Get Quick Solution
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Assignment Details: (read these directions carefully!)


• The essays for this have specific prompts. Make sure that you read the questions carefully and consider your answers.

• You must reference and cite the readings that you have chosen to discuss in your Essays

• Essays must be at least 350 words in length

Topic: Performance Art


• Performance Art, An Introduction

• Handout 3: Return of the Body: Performance Art and Art Education


•What is Performance Art

• The Case for Performance Art

• Plastic Bag: Performance Art (here is one example of a piece that can be viewed on YouTube by an Australian artist. Love it, hate, laugh at it, connect with it, anyway you approach it, this is one example of performance art!)


We all have art that we like, art that confuses us, and art that we have not yet seen, explored or encountered. This week, I would like you to search YouTube for 3 performance artists and their work. Watch videos that present their work and consider how their work has meaning in our contemporary society. Does it make people feel a particular way? Does it invite participation? Is it controversial for any reason?

Essay 4: Respond to the prompts below.

Essay 4 Prompts: Consider the examples of performance art that you selected to look at watch and engage with for your research. Why did you choose the pieces that you did? How does performance art draw in the audience? Why does the involvement of the viewer matter in performance art? Can performance art exist without an audience, and does this make it different or the same to paintings, photographs and sculptures?



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