Complete Short English Task (SNHU)

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Complete Short English Task (SNHU)
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Prompt: For this reflection assignment, you will make some choices about your approach to your critical analysis essay based on your understanding of revision and the feedback on your writing plan provided by your instructor. You’ll also discuss who your intended audience is and what you hope to accomplish with your essay.



The article I selected was “Some Lessons from the Assembly Line” by Andrew Braaksma. His intention when writing this piece was clear. He wanted to tell his story as a student and blue-collar worker and the struggles and hardships associated with maintaining his academics and his job. He wanted to emphasize how hard he worked to ensure that he succeeded and attained the success he craved. Through his article, he informed his audience of his experience as a young man working his way through university and the various obstacles that, though difficult, were more than worth the time and effort he put forth. I came to this conclusion by reading his article and picking up on the subtle ways in which he mentioned what he went through on a daily basis. He dictated his responsibilities, implying that though it was tough work, it was worth it for him because he was able to do what he wanted to do and support himself through college.


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