Complete the three parts with three documents as required | Get Quick Solution

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Complete the three parts with three documents as required | Get Quick Solution
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Part one

As we study rhetoric and consider your own rhetorical analysis work, we are going to examine logical fallacies. Logical fallacies are statements or presentations of ideas that carry faulty reasoning. So, if someone says, “Grandmother lived to be 95 years old and smoked every day of her life, therefore smoking is not harmful to your health,” you might recognize a problem with reasoning in this statement. With our visual media, we want to be aware of possible fallacies in writing or visual presentation. You might choose to include this in your analysis if it is prominent.

Please research your fallacy and share a 150-200 word write-up that explains your fallacy and gives an example. Also, see if you can explain how this fallacy might appear in a print ad.

My logical fallacyAppeal to Authority

Part two

Plan to select one of your print ads and provide a brief (150-200 word) exploration of its rhetoric. Consider the author of this ad, the intended audience, the purpose (how is it trying to convince the audience), whether the ad evokes emotions and what those emotions are, how it tries to establish credibility and what hard evidence, data, or facts it might use. Consider the other aspects of visual media from our tip sheet. Be sure to attach or embed the ad in the post.

Part three

For a twist on our reading responses with a rhetorical bent, I am going to ask you to pen a 200-250 word response letter to Catherine Prendergast, the author of Can I Use I? about the essays of her book that span from pages 1-45 (up until the title essay you already read. It should not take too long).

You might craft the response toward an appreciation of what she wrote. You might consider raising questions or concerns. You also might be critical of Prendergast–or any combination of the these. Ponder what of the essays spoke to you most strongly, what didn’t, what might have not made sense, or more.

The PDF of the book is in the attachment


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