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Concepts, Hypothesis, Variables | Get Quick Solution
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It is 3 parts i have already done the first 2 parts and need u to do the other one

you find on the file the statement of the research and its elements. also, the sources and the literature review. use it to do the following

Research Hypothesis and Operationalization

Statement of the problem:

I am concerned with the displacement associated with gentrification

Key Concepts



Conceptualization (of all key concepts)

Gentrification – the settlement of more affluent new arrivals to less developed neighborhoods

Displacement – outflow of long-standing residents from newly development neighborhoods or communities

refined statement of independent and dependent variables and how they are associated


Gentrification leads to displacement

Ex. Operationalization (one per concept)

(Gent) opening of a Whole Foods Market

(Disp) closing of small mom and pop businesses


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