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Constitutional Cases Essay | Get Quick Solution
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All that is need is to apply these suggestions my teacher asked for to my final paper

!!! your structure so far is in compliance, but you are missing running header with page numbers, Abstract page about the contents of your paper and more in text citations are needed. , with your thesis statement, state your thesis statement with “it is the opinion of the writer…” then talk about why you like this amendment in more detail. Save your conclusions to be combined in one conclusion with your final paper. , make sure your applications for each case is more comprehensive by using other authors writings who have agreed with the court findings on the case and ones who disagree. Put those comments in your application followed by in text citations. In addition, make sure your references are in alphabetical order and for each in text citation with a reference. !!!!


The original post is this: Hello Students, three constitutional cases are due on 4/28/19 at 11:59 pm. These cases are part of the collective Term Paper worth 150 points. The phase two term paper is to be formatted in APA writing style, with paragraph headings, centered, bold, upper and lower case with an introduction (paragraph heading) giving a narrative synopsis of the three cases, but leaving room for the final two case that are not due. At the end of your introduction give a short but concise thesis statement as to why you like or dislike the amendment you have chosen for all your cases. There should be only one amendment for your five case. There is no paragraph heading that says Body, but the first case heading, followed by Issue , rule, application and conclusion. Your references are to be compiled on the las page of your term paper with a heading of reference.. You are to write in your own words. If you use other sources use in text citations Remember in text citations have references. Write in double space and 12″ font with type face style of Times New Roman. Furthermore, each page must have a running heading (name of your paper and page number) Refer to Purdue Owl APA in Week 4 module.


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