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Contemporary Issues Journal 3 | Get Quick Solution
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o give you an opportunity to put the concepts and ideas we are learning in class in conversation with events and issues in our society today, each student will complete 5 “Contemporary Issues” journal entries throughout the course, worth 40 points each.

Journal entries will identify a “contemporary issue” and analyze it using concepts from class. Over the course of the semester you will create a collection of 5 journal entries

Journal topics can include anything related to displacement. While current news stories or notable events make especially good “Contemporary Issues” other options include identifying and analyzing activist efforts/groups (history of organizations and/or coalitions, organizational brochures, manifestos, protest and mobilization, etc), artistic works (poems, music lyrics, artwork, performance art, etc), academic or intellectual work (articles, books, etc), or any other sites of analysis that you think are relevant. Be creative!

Each journal entry should be at least 250 words. In each entry, you will want to:

  • Offer a summary of the topic
  • Identify and describe the course principles, ideas, or concepts that the topic reflects/raises (you need to use at least one principle, idea, or concept from the course content or readings in your analysis)
  • Offer your very insightful and critical analysis of the topic/materials (FYI: “I thought it was interesting” is neither insightful nor critical)
  • Include any questions you may have about the event, if relevant
  • Include a weblink, if relevant

Try to select topics that raise your curiosity or interest—it will make it much more relevant for you!


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