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corpral case study | Get Quick Solution
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1..write a reaction to the cape coral case study. specifically, consider how the process of groupthink affected the overall experience. be sure to discuss the group dynamics of influence, obedience, and conformity. then, answer the following: have you ever been part of a group that made a poor decision and, if so, were any of the symptoms of groupthink present in your group?”

.Lesson 7

2.Based on Activities 1-5, write a 500-800 word persuasive paper that seeks to change the negative attitudes and stereotypes of someone you know regarding gender or race. Use the principles you just learned about persuasion to help you formulate your argument.

Your paper should include:

  • a statement of the problem (the prevalence and ill effects of either sexism or racism)
  • how attitudes and persuasion relate to gender inequality or racial inequality
  • why an attitude change is needed, and a persuasive conclusion.


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