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CRAAP Test Worksheet | Get Quick Solution
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  • Your 3 CRAAP Test Worksheets Are Due Thurs. 9/24 at 2 p.m. (60 Points)
  • Be Sure to Completely Fill Out the Form and Print the Articles for Future Reference

For our upcoming Essay #2 Research Paper, we are expanding our Essay #1 on success and creating a more developed, persuasive argument with oppositional points and refutation, as well as adding 3-6 credible library research articles into our discussion to back up our claims.

After reading our Research Tips handout, find Three (3) credible library research articles, 1 on growth mindset, 1 on deliberate practice, and 1 on the importance of mentors, and complete a separate CRAAP test for each one (the attached document lists 3 separate CRAAP tests for each source, which can be saved and submitted as one document).

Be sure to print out each article as well as the citation information with the author’s full name and credentials, the magazine, newspaper, or journal name with the volume and issue, the date of publication, as well as the website address (URL), or digital object identifier (doi) for library sources, which is the long list of numbers and letters showing where to find the online article.

If you forget to print each research article with the full publication info., you may have trouble locating the source again and then won’t be able to complete the Works Cited or to go back and find stronger quotes if necessary, so make sure you completely document the source info. in case you need to find this again.

After finding three (3) sources you think might work for your paper, 1 on mindset, 1 on practice, and 1 on mentors, complete the CRAAP test for each one. If your source fails the CRAAP test, keep looking until you find a credible source which will add valid data and anecdotal details to strengthen your argument.

Click on the link below and complete a separate worksheet for each of your 3 library research articles, 1 on growth mindset, 1 on deliberate practice, and 1 on the importance of mentors:

1- mindset

Pueschel, Andrew, and Mary L. Tucker. “Achieving Grit through the Growth Mindset.” Journal of

Instructional Pedagogies, vol. 20, May 2018, EBSCOhost,

2- success

Hastings, Randolph H. MD, PhD, and Timothy C. Rickard, PhD. “Deliberate Practice for Achieving

and Maintaining Expertise in Anesthesiology.” Anesthesia & Analgesia, vol. 120, no. 2, Feb.

2015, pp. 449-59, doi: 10.1213/ANE.0000000000000526.

3- mentor

Sorrell-White, Stephanie. “Big Brother/Big Sister Program Strives to Mentor Youth.” The Evening

Times (Little Falls, NY), 4 Mar. 2015, p. 1. EBSCOhost,

Engl 120 CRAAP Test Worksheet


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