Create a “Final Policy Research Analysis Essay” | Get Quick Solution

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Create a “Final Policy Research Analysis Essay” | Get Quick Solution
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Create a Detail Policy (APA or Chicago) style format by addressing all the proposed topics for a Policy Analysis on A New World Order Policy in the International Community”.

Please include references for each category of topics throughout the policy and a separate reference/bibliography page.

You are responsible to write 300-500 words for each of the topics for your country’s position (United States Foreign Policy) to create a “Final Policy Research Analysis Essay” (total 1000-1500 words, not more than 2000 words)

Your Policy Essay should be creative by proposing your opinion through research on all the topics (Economic War on Tariffs, Nuclear ArmRace, Imminent War with Iran) by using key terminology from our Book Chapters.

Topics of Discussion for your Policy Setting:

Key Players: Russia, China, N. Korea, Turkey, E.U., Israel and the U.S.

Topics: Economic War on Tariffs, Nuclear ArmRace, Imminent War with Iran.

Include in your Final Policy Proposal:

  • Key Terminology from our Book Chapters relevant to the Final Topics and Key Player Actors: Russia, China, N. Korea, Turkey E.U., Israel and the U.S.
  • Creative Proposed Resolutions.
  • Setting your Agenda by stating your Policy Choice on all 3 “hot topic issues” of: Tariffs, Nuclear ArmRace and Imminent War with Iran through research concluding with your opinion.
  • You should be using all the key actors (countries that I suggested) to consider and reflect on your policy for the US Govt.
    You are representing the interest of the US…
  • However, try to be non-biased and neutral when you are doing your research so you can propose a scientific political policy for the best interest of U.S. Foreign Policy.
  • Your role playing: Research Policy Analysts drafting a policy for all the three topics and suggesting United States strategy on the issues.


Economic War on Tariffs:

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Trade wars, Trump tariffs and protectionism explained. (2019, May 10). Retrieved from

Behsudi, A., Geller, E., & Palmer, D. (2019, May 15). Death by paperwork: Tariffs aren’t China’s only trade weapon. Retrieved from…

Nuclear arm race:

Perlo-Freeman, S. (2018, February 23). Arms race. Retrieved from

Al Jazeera. (2019, May 22). Nuclear war risk highest since WWII, UN arms research chief warns. Retrieved from…

Wojtowicz, L. (2019, April 23). America and Russia Must Agree to Avoid a New Arms Race. Retrieved from…

Imminent War with Iran:

Ward, A. (2019, May 20). Will the US go to war with Iran? Your 9 questions, answered. Retrieved from…

Schmitt, E., & Barnes, J. E. (2019, May 13). White House Reviews Military Plans Against Iran, in Echoes of Iraq War. Retrieved from…

Doffman, Z. (2019, May 15). Iran’s Military Warns Of Imminent ‘Full-Scale Confrontation’ With ‘American-Zionist Front’. Retrieved from


Online book link:…


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