Create Firearm Policy

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Create Firearm Policy
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Firearm Policy In the jurisdiction of Pleasantville, you have been entrusted with the task of developing a comprehensive policy on the possession of guns. As the City Firearms Officer, your community trusts and respects you to make the best decision for all its members.

Write out a very specific, clear and concise policy on the possession of handguns by non- enforcement persons in Pleasantville. This should read like a city ordinance, but it also has specific course requirements. For a stronger policy, take the time to look one or two up policies online for formatting ideas.

Explain your reasoning for the policy.

What is your goal? How will your community benefit?

Policy *Be very specific and detailed In Pleasantville, what firearms are permitted?

What firearms are prohibited?

Are there requirements to qualify for posession?

Are there any places where firearms are excluded?

Are any groups of persons excluded?

Enforcement *How will it be enforced? By whom?

Penalty What is/are the related penalties for violations?

Will there be degrees or exceptions?

Important note: Ensure that it reads like an ordinance and not as responses to the questions above.


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