Creating Treatment Plan for Adult Clients | Get Quick Solution

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Creating Treatment Plan for Adult Clients | Get Quick Solution
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Now that you have conceptualized the case of either Rebecca or Jill, you may now begin treatment planning. Generally, with CBT/REBT, techniques and interventions

one issue at a time,

incremental treatment, before moving on to the next issue. It is also generally considered a short-term, goal-oriented therapy approach. For this reason, and for the practical reason that many insurance companies allow only an 8-week treatment timeframe, your treatment plan for Rebecca or Jill will be time bound to 8 weeks. (Note, however, that some providers have stopped accepting insurance for this reason.)

As you

goals and select interventions/techniques for the client’s treatment plan, it can be helpful to keep the SMART goals acronym in mind. Your goals should be specific, measurable, achievable within reason, relevant to the client’s needs, and time-bound. Keep in mind, too, that as a beginning service provider, you may wish to include details about the resources you would need to implement the techniques you select. Templates and worksheets are not only beneficial for the client, but they can help you stay organized and on target, as well.

For this Assignment, you add to last week’s case conceptualization by designing a treatment plan for your selected case.

To prepare:

  • Review your Case Conceptualization from Week 4. You will use the same case and theoretical approach this week.
  • Consider the type of treatment plan you might need to implement with this client. (There is no assigned template to use; you may design your own format or use one from a previous course.) What goals would help address the issue(s) present? What techniques or strategies could you implement to help her achieve these treatment goals?

To complete this Assignment (1–2 pages):

  • Develop a treatment plan for the client you selected in Week 4. Note: You will use the same perspective or approach that you applied last week.


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