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Crime In America 1307 | Get Quick Solution
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You have been given several terms and theories from both chapters. For each term/theory follow the pattern below

1. List the person who coined (developed) the term/theory if available

2. Give the definition and/or meaning of the term/the

3. Give a life example (real or fake) using each term/the


1.Rational Choice theory

2. Structuring a Crime

3. offense specific crime

4. Defensible space

5. Diffusion

6. Replacement

7. Ego

8. Incapacitation

9. Displacement

10. androgens

11. General Deterrence

12. Nurture Theory

13. Trait Theory

14. Sociobiology

15. Cognitive Theory

16. Nature Theory

17. Attachment Theory

18. Psychodynamic theory (ID)

19. Social Learning Theory

20. Situational crime prevention

Submit the answers ONLY to each question in the drop box as a word-doc attachment in Times Roman 12 front


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