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Criminal 45 | Get Quick Solution
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For this final discussion, we will consider the value of training and experience. In the criminal justice field, managers generally have been promoted from within, ensuring that they bring experience to the leadership position. However, formal education may be lacking.

  • Which has more impact in the preparation of a leader: experience or training? Why? Does the answer to this question differ between criminal justice organizations and the business world?
  • When you think about an effective leader in your own work experience, what specific qualities or traits made that leader so effective?
  • What obstacles will an “experienced” manager face, if required to supervise employees who are better-educated and better-trained? If you were in this situation, as manager, how would you address the tension that would exist?
  • How can leaders in criminal justice develop skills in areas where they are deficient? What are the organizational conditions that can facilitate this leadership training? Explain the techniques and theories that can be adopte


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